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At MoetMoet Dutch Letterpress we create letterpress paper goods.

The magic happens offline. We love it! And we hope you'll love it too. Our creations have to make you smile. Our cards should be like like messengers. They carry your message to someone else. Or they will store a memory for you. Anyway, they will take care of it in the way they are made: with love and care.

Feel free to ask us anything. Getting in contact with people from all over the world is one of the best things there is.

Nice to meet you and have a good day.

Happy blogging,
Youri Penders, owner MoetMoet Dutch Letterpress


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    close up on the logo close up on the text Here it is :) first run adjusting the press polymer plate polymer plate let's add some color!

    Indra Moonen, a friend of mine, started the Disposable Crisis Project. She’s sending out 300 disposable cameras all over the world. If you get one of the cameras you’re able to shoot your vision on the economical crisis. The photos made with the cameras that will come back to her will be used to publish a book. Since she’s doing everything without earning one penny I thought it was nice to support her by making some business cards. You can find out more about the project on
    Please support the project if you can!

    Front, end result Front & back Close-up of the impression Printing Speed it up Two colors done, one to go! Black on the tiny font It's me, it's late, but I love to print!

    One day, an old classmate and friend of mine (Erik Housmans, check out his site about video games) asked me to help him out with his wedding invitations. He (and Susan, his wife-to-be) loved the idea of having their own designed cards printed by letterpress. The process was a bit more work than I thought, but the result is awesome.

    Erik took a lot of pictures while I was working on the cards. Here are some of them.

    For some kind of reason I forget about myself sometimes… One day I realized that –after printing for many other purposes– I still didn’t have any business cards for myself. But now I do and I’m pretty happy with the result :)

    It’s Joe, the happy panda.

    Might as well call him Joe Black. So, there you go: Meet Joe Black.

    Marine theme posters

    They’re finished! The marine theme posters. A set of 3 guys who live in the water day & night. Kim Vervuurt made their portraits. Check out our Flickr photo set, don’t you think these guys look great?

    As usual the inks are custom mixes. Yellow & orange together for the light parts and black & silver for the dark parts. They’ll arrive soon in our Etsy store and Markita.

    MoetMoet was spotted by the famous Dutch lifestyle magazine 101woonideeën.

    They’ve been posting Christmas cards (the Christmas card countdown) made by Dutch Designers on their blog. Please check out our cards. You can buy them at Markita (iDeal supported) and Etsy.

    You’ll get three cards for € 11,95 (HOHOHO, FREE shipping!). And to celebrate the blog post we add a free letterpress bookmark as a gift.

    A big thank you to Monique van der Vlist for posting and Karin Röling for mentioning us.

    Here they are, the Christmas cards for this year.

    Kim Vervuurt did a lovely job on creating the characters. Meet Minu the ice skating penguin, Miles the gluhwein drinking squirrel and Sjaak, the cat in love with the snowman.

    The cards are available in our Etsy shop. And of course, since it’s Christmas, we’ll ship these for free.

    Happy Holidays!

    To all the lovers of retro motorcycles and old-timers! This Letterpress poster is based on an old advertisement by Motosacoche. This former Swiss motorcycle manufacturer knew how to advertise around 1915. When I came across this one in an old magazine I was stunned.

    The details are preserved as much a possible. Go and get it! It should be on your wall as well. You can buy it in our Etsy shop.

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